Journey in summer 2017

This time the route is not sure at all. I have a general direction on where I think I want to go. Depending if I like a place I will either stay or leave to go somewhere else. Follow me to see where I am going! 🙂

Journey in summer 2016

We are travelling from Zürich to Basel. From there to Besançon, through Orléans and further to Nantes. Then along the Atlantic coast to Irun, Spain. From Irun over Pamplona, Burgos and Salamanca to Castelo Branco in Portugal.

We will be trying to ride for between 60-90 km per day with regular break days. We are not in a hurry or trying to race to our destination, the point is to have a nice journey and experience as much as we can along the way.

(Side comment: we did not manage to do 60-90 km per day it was rather an average of 100 km per day.)

Below we have tried to draw the route as accurate as possible…