Journey in summer 2017

How I prepared for the journey:

  1. I chose a general direction and looked up potential bike paths.
  2. Then I reviewed the old packing list and updated it.
  3. To get my dog used to be in a trailer, I trained a few times with some treats.

Journey in summer 2016

Here you find a little outline on how we prepared for our trip:

  1. We decided on our route. As it was set that we were travelling from Zürich to Portugal we decided to travel a longer distance through France rather than spending more time in Spain. France has good bicycle trails and the EuroVelos routes in France are all finished (Not all the eurovelo routes are completed yet).
  2. We outlined our route. As we had exactly 53 days to complete the journey we made a daily plan on how many km we were going to travel. When riding we mostly stuck to the route, as it gave us an idea on how we were getting on.
  3. Along the route we looked for leisure activities. These are planned for our “resting” days.
  4. Next we looked for camping sites a long our route. It is not said that we will stop at these camping sites but it helps us not having to worry about finding a place to sleep.
  5. We then created a packing list. As it is important to have as little weight as possible it is good to make a packing list which is adapted to our journey.
  6. We got bikes. As we both didn’t have bikes we had to buy them. We chose bikes that are made for touring. We went to a bike store (Veloplus) which had very helpful employees that explained to us what bikes would be best for our journey. That’s why it’s important to first know your route or what kind of tour you would like to do. We got them a few months before we start our journey so we can train. Although we are not going to train like crazy, we will try to use our bikes to travel as much as possible, e.g. to work or to friend’s places.
  7. Started our training. Our first training was by driving around the lake of Zürich. We had no experience in bike touring, so this was our first long ride.
  8. We prepacked our stuff to see that and how we can fit everything. We did that a few weeks in advance so that we were able to make adjustments to our packing list.