Journey in summer 2017

This time I have had no time to prepare anything so I won’t be collecting money for charity. Though I will take flyers, with tips on how to get started with bicycle touring. With this I hope to motivate more young people for it.

Journey in summer 2016

–We managed to get over a 1000 Fr. together. Thank you all for your support!

Once Madagascar was covered with forsest sadly today 90% of the forrest is gone. Still the island is home to about 12,000 unique plants and a multitude of native animal species. However, along with the forest, this rich diversity is acutely threatened.
Eighty percent of the wood cut is used for cooking on a traditional three-stone-fire. Wood fuel is expensive and puts a heavy burden on the budgets of the many poor households.

ADES manufactures solar cookers and energy effi­cient cookstoves. They promote clean, energy efficient cooking methods, environmental awareness and eco-friendly behavior. Its aim is to equip a large part of the Madagascan population with solar cookers and energy efficient cook­stoves, to train the users in their proper handling and to raise awareness on healthy nutrition, hygiene, health as well as on the preservation of natural resources.

Thanks to donations, the local population can buy them at very modest prices. In this simple way, ADES substantially contri­butes to the conservation of Madagascan forests.
Households using energy efficient cookstoves cut their firewood or charcoal consumption by half and annually reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by three metric tons. Solar cookers consume no fuel at all and are completely emission-free.

We decided that we want to raise money for ADES and are hoping to raise donations each by km we travel, any donation would be a great help!

We have created a project on which should make donating for you a bit easier.

Project: Gemeinsam-Unterwegs

Just bellow you can find the webpage of ADES for more information.