I continued besides the Rhein on the south side, so basically on the Swiss side. One night, I met an elderly couple who cycle along the Rhein from where they leave the camper. They advised me to cycle on the German side of the Rhein. So I did the next day and it was a good decision. The North side as people call it has good bicycle paths and leads along less busy roads. Adding to that it is more flat then the Swiss side, which I appreciated with all my weight. I continued my journey until Rheinfelden and from there I returned back home.


I have never been to Schaffhausen before, so I’m very happy to have seen such a pretty town. Not long after Schauffhausen we got to the Rheinfalls. When you stand there, watch and feel the water flow past, you really feel the force of the water. For me that was an amazing experience. From there on the Rhein curves its way through beautiful forests and farm land. On the way I was able to see king fishers and squirrels amongst other interesting creature.