Change in course

Having had an amazing time in Milano, it was time to think about where to go next. I reconsidered everything and came to the conclusion to better go back home. Despite my mother’s birthday which I spontaneously decided to go to there was the whole point with my dog. She already got a decent age and I want her to enjoy this journey too. With no options for her to go swim during our travels and no other way to cool off at 35 degrees I took the decision. Adding to that there were nearly no bike paths and the roads are in no good shape.

Of course I felt a bit disappointed at this stage. Thus, I decided to make my own “Tour de Suisse”. To read on where I will go and what I experience follow my blog. And if you already do, thank you for your support!



  1. Hi Rafaela, du weisst das sicher schon:-) Dieses Jahr feiert das Fahrrad seinen 200. Geburtstag. Am 12. Juni 1817 fuhr Karl Drais erst­mals auf einer Lauf­ma­schine (Draisine) durch Mannheim ( Jetzt hast du natürlich ein viel besseres Rad mit Pedalen, Bremsen, Schaltung und natürlich Anhängerkupplung:-). Gut, dass du die Tradition des Fahrrads mit deiner Tour und deinem Blog fortführst. Weiterhin alles Gute, Dani

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  2. Hi Rafaela, I think you took the right decision. You have the responsibility for the whole crew and acted accordingly. And the weather forecast for Switzerland looks great – so enjoy your tour. Curious to read which route you’ll take. All the best, Dani

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