I arrived well in Como. I put up the tent and cooked dinner. For the first time I was camping by myself. I had lots of time to reflect on daily life and life in general. It was always clear to me as a team your stronger. But when you set off alone and experience to be alone that is when you seriously wish you had someone to talk to, to get comfort from or to get some help pushing the peg into the ground. It all takes more time and more mental persuasion. It’s a completely different experience when you travell with someone. Zora is great company of course however it’s not the same as she can’t talk and motivate me. 😉

The next day I set off to Milan through beautiful scenery in the Lombardy. I had about 45 km ahead of me and in the morning the sun was already strong. There were basically no cycling routes, so we had to drive on roads. We drove through small towns but cars sometimes seemed to pass by very fast. Adding to all of that Zora was not enjoying the wagon very much as the roads are in rather bad shape. We made a lot of breaks in the shade, and there lured a lot of mosquitos. I booked In advance a hostel in Milano, which Zora and I looked forward to relax.

Milano is a very beautiful city with my favorite part being the “Bosco verticale”. These are two skyscrapers which have trees growing on every level.


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