Salve Italia

When I arrived in Lugano it was already arranged that my friends neighbour came to get me at the train station. We loaded the bike into the car, and shortly after a storm was over Lugano. We drove up the hill to Astano where I was taken in by my friend Aranda. I ended up hiking and relaxing there for a few days. Thank you to all of you for your help and kindness!

I continued my journey down the hill to Ponte Tresa where Zora and I embarked the boat to Brusino. From there I biked across the border of Italy in direction Como.

Going along a little river I drove past a woman with her little dog. I startled as I realised that this dog was attacking my foot. Luckily I was wearing good walking shoes, through which I didn’t feel anything. This has never happened to me before and hopefully will never again. 😉


  1. Liebes Rafi gut zu hören, dass es Euch beiden gut geht.
    Norditalien hat viele wunderbare Ecken und man bekommt gute Teigwaren sodass Du wieder kräftig in die Pedalen steigen kannst. Viel Vergnügen und eine Unfallfreie fahrt Monica

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  2. Dear Rafaela, it was very nice meeting you (and Zora) on the boat from Ponte Tresa to Brusino. Whenever you bike between Zurich and Winterthur and pass by Breite/Nürensdorf come and see us! We wish you all the best on your trip in Italy and back. Have a good time and take care of other dogs😉, Daniel & Claudia

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