Still an amateur…

With a few days delay, due to administration work I left Zürich in direction Lucerne. But also because I forgot how long it takes to pack. I left later then planned. Its clear to bring as little as possible, but how much of something to take with? Do I really need that? Do I want a bit of luxury and take a foldable camping chair? How many herbs do I want to take with. So its not too much but that I can have a nice meal on the go.

Zora and I arrived well in Lucerne and where very well hosted by my friend Katja. From Lucerne I started with having to go quiet a bit up hill through the “Meggerwald”. What I didn’t expect was the seemingly never stopping rain. I arrived in “Küssnacht an der Rigi” soaked through. Being so wet I felt demoralised and started thinking on where I could go. A campsite would have been another two hours ride and the only other option was an expensive hotel. The weather forecast for the coming days also looked rather bad. So I decided to take the train to Lugano.


  1. Hi rafaela and Zora!!

    I found your flyer in My car, i thought i lost it!! Now ASAP posting a comment!

    I Will check your whole story later, now omw to work Again.
    Really Nice to meet you and good luck @ University!!

    Greetings from Holland!!
    SzenWinn Woo

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