Review N°7 – USB charger The plug, Cliq5

This USB charger is integrated into the handle of my bike as an “addon”. It gets the electricity from the dynamo. This is a good idea though really not worth the money. First my Fairphone doesn’t charge when plugging it in directly, which apparently is a thing with some phones. We then used a power bank which also adds weight to our already heavy load. Secondly it only charges properly when riding a certain speed. We were heavy loaded and thus didn’t always manage to have the needed speed. It was just not sufficient we ended up having to charge our phones in cafes and camping places when we needed it. Hopefully a future module is more efficient in producing electricity.

1= Bad/poor      2= OK         3= Satisfying      4= Good         5= Very good

Design                          R            4                     M           4

Practicality                   R            2                     M           2

Durability                     R            5                     M           5

Overall rating            R            4                     M           4          =4


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