Review N°6 – Bike Toutterrain Silkroad

Toutterrain bikes have different “addons” where you can choose different options. This bike has a stainless steal frame which makes it slightly heavier then a bike with an aluminum frame but it is definitely sturdier. The bike has 30 gears which is great when riding uphill as the pace can be slower than a bike with fewer gears. With this bike I had no troubles during our journey and I was very pleased. I was advised against a bike with suspension, but as Matt said, we would advise to get a bike with suspension because you will be riding on some very difficult roads and paths where suspension offer more comfort. In addition if suspensions would break you could still ride the bike just as normal. I also choose the Pitlock which is a coded centerline system which also secures the wheels onto the bike to secure it from theft. This way I didn’t necessarily have to make the look through the wheels which gave me a more secure feeling of my bike. It’s an expensive but very reliable bike.

1= Bad/poor      2= OK         3= Satisfying      4= Good         5= Very good

Design                           R            5                     M           5

Practicality                   R            5                     M           5

Durability                     R            5                     M           5

Overall rating            R            5                     M           5          =5



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