Review N°3 – Bontrager tires XR1, 29×2.0

These were absolutely awful; I had over 15 tire punctures in seven weeks, which is horrible when you have a fully packed bike and limited time and energy. More often than not it would be a tiny wooden splinter that would puncture the tire. I would never use these tires again and would recommend that no one else does, unless you enjoy fixing punctures all the time. They also have a very deep tread which makes cycling long distance on the road slightly more tough.

Design                          R            –                      M           –

Practicality                  R            –                      M           –

Durability                    R            1                     M           1

Overall rating           R            1                     M           1          = 1

Review N°2 – Oertlieb handlebar bag ULTIMATE6 PLUS

A handlebar bag is definitely a good idea, you can keep your valuables in it and easily detach it and take it with you when you leave your bike to go for lunch or go into the super market. This specific bag was quite good, it’s waterproof, had good mechanics to attach to the front of your bike and was spacious. One problem is that when riding your bike a lot of the stuff inside this bag gets shaken around despite having separated compartments inside. Another annoying aspect is that due to the design of the bag there is a small dent in the top of it, which doesn’t affect the performance but it just does not look very nice. Again, we were very pleased with this product and would recommend it, but it is just not 100% perfect.

1= Bad/poor      2= OK         3= Satisfying      4= Good         5= Very good

Design                          R            4                     M           4

Practicality                  R            5                     M           4

Durability                    R            4                     M           5

Overall rating            R            4.5                 M           4.5         =4.5


Review N°1 – Ortlieb Panniers

We used Ortlieb for both our front and rear panniers and in general we were happy with them. It was very easy and quick to both attach and detach them from the bikes. They also were very good when it came to being waterproof, as long as we closed them properly our stuff never got wet. In terms of size, they had plenty of space in them to fit all of our things. The only issues we had with them were the plastic attachments on the back that connects the bag to your bike. The plastic is quite fragile and a lot of the screws that connect these parts came loose. Also, the screws are a special type which we could not tighten ourselves, so we had to go to a bike shop which had to fix it with different screws. Overall, we were very happy apart from these problems.

1= Bad/poor      2= OK         3= Satisfying      4= Good         5= Very good

Design                         R           5                    M           5

Practicality                 R           4                    M           4

Durability                   R           5                    M           4

Overall rating           R          4.5                  M           4.5          =4.5


Lots of beautiful travells

After having travelled to Portugal we went to Central America for three month. We where travelling with our backpacks from Guatemala thourgh Honduras, and Nicaragua to Costa Rica. This was a great experience. To read more about our adventure through central america you can find our “text” on our website on the page Central America Trip But next time we would go by bike 😉

As promised our gear reviews series are in progress, and soon we will be posting them. We hope that you find usefull tips. Like us and keep posted 🙂