200 years bicycle

The year 2017 is the anniversary year for the bike.

Due to the hardship in 1816 in Europe Karl Drais got inventive and invented the “Laufmaschine”. The eruption of the volcano Tambora in Indonesia changed the weather so badly in Europe that bad harvests and thus famine where the result. On the 12th of June 1817 he presented his invention by driving through Mannheim. He laid the ground stone for a new era of mobility. From that point on it wasn’t just the horse with which humans could move faster than themselves, it was also the bike. We believe after having had such a great experience on our bike tour that the bike is a great invention to be celebrated!

After having travelled to Portugal we went to Central America for three month. We where travelling with our backpacks from Guatemala thourgh Honduras, and Nicaragua to Costa Rica. This was a great experience. But next time we would go by bike 😉 Soon you can find a review of our journey through Central America on the blog.

As promised our gear reviews series are in progress, and shortly we will be posting them. We hope that you find usefull tips. Like us and keep posted 🙂

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