We arrived! :) 

After 7 weeks of biking through 4 countries and meeting many incredible people, we are very happy to say that we arrived at our destinationn with 2740 km. And not only this we also reached our aim of getting 1000 CHF together for our chosen association ADES. The charity runs still till the 21.8.2016 and we appriciate any further donations. We thank every donator for your generosity, which gave us a good boost for the end. We are very happy to have made it. Also many thanks to all the people that were so kind and open to us on this adventure. We thank all those who showed us directions, offered us food or drinks, drew us pictures, gave us medicine, beeped at us to cheer us on, shared their stories with us and listened to ours. We heard extremely touching and encouraging words from so many people.

And of course, it wouldnt be a proper end to the trip without one more puncture 10 minutes before we arrived!

Reviews of our Equipment and further posts with tips and tricks will continue again after the festival.

Thank you all,peace, love and unity 🙂


  1. BIG congrats in reaching all your ambitious goals! It was a tremendous pleasure for us (the Dutch family in Salamanca) to have met you. My computer broke down, as soon as I have a replacement, I will upload the photos we took from the two of you! Big kiss and hugs from us!

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    1. Thank you very much, it was so great meeting you all as well. We hope you had a nice rest of your holiday. Thank you again for helping us reach our charity goals! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Big hug and kisses back!



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