Valladolid and Salamanca

These past couple of days passed by quickly, we had very little sleep because we tried to sleep during the day and ride at night due to the heat, which didn’t work out so well. 

We both didn’t feel well when we left Burgos but as we wanted to get there in time we had to make a move. Actually we even managed to do about 90km to Valladolid. We arrived at around 10pm, got some food and then headed to a nearby forest to get some sleep. We decided not to put up our tent and to sleep on the floor with just our sleeping bags and mats. We hoped to sleep for a couple hours and leave at 4am to avoid the heat. We ended up sleeping on and off between 1am and 7am and then started our 110km journey to Salamanca.

We rode about 26km’s and found a big tree where we thought we could sleep under during the day and then finish the last 84kms at night. Unfortunately we couldnt sleep at all and at 11:45pm decided to just get going eventhough we were so exhausted. The roads were dark, but flat, smooth and basically car free.

We managed to ride for about 3.5 hours and got through 40kms. We stopped on the side of the road for a break and to look at the stars as they were so bright and there were plenty of shooting stars. We ended up falling asleep and after an hour got out a sleeping bag and continued sleeping.

We woke up at 7:30 and struggled through the last 45kms and finally reached Salamanca and the campsite at noon. It was a tough couple of days but then we had the next 2 days off, which were much needed and well deserved!

We both really liked Salamanca, eventhough we spent most of the time at the campsite. We met an absolutely adorable Dutch family, and spent a lot of time eating and speaking with them. We had such a lovely time together and really appreciated their kindness and generosity and we even got a picture painted of us by their 2 daughters.

Looking forward to the next days and whatever adventures they will bring.


  1. Matthew Oma & I thought we would put £100.00 in your Nationwide and you could put it to Rafeals & Your favourite charity on our behalf. Sorry you both are having a tough time . We love you both and admire what you are doing your nearly there thank goodness you done’t have to do the return.

    Oma & Opa

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