Logroño and Burgos

Leaving Pamplona behind we still had quiet a bit of up and down hill to do. The temerature was also really hot. As we were travelling the same way as the Compostello de Santiago we passed by a wine fountain where pilgrams could drink wine for free so they can continue strong. This fountain in Irache has been there for about 100 years, the wine was delicious so we decided to fill up some empty bottles that we had 😉

We continued on going up and down some very steep hills and riding along some very rocky and bumpy roads. We made it to Logroño and decided to spend the night camping there, it was about 20km before our scheduled stop but it was already quite late.

The next morning we left early as we had 97km to do and a lot more hills to conquer. We left nice and early but the heat at lunch time made us take a long siesta under a tree. That afternoon a few rain spells surprised us.

Close to the end of the day we arrived at the top of the highest hill/mountain. The route to the camping we chose earlier was going off the main road and onto a pebel road downhill in a different direction to where we needed to go the next day. So we shortly decided to just continue the route to burgos which was for about 30km, but although it was late it was all downhill, so it was very quick and a lot of fun. We ended up doing 116km to Burgos in the end.

Bugros is a very pretty town with loads of tree allyways. It used to be the capital of Sapin a long time ago. I ended up getting the flu on our break day in Burgos so we had to use up our second joker day for me to rest, it was the first time we had two break days in a row.

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