When saying goodbye to San Sebastian we also said bye to Beau, we wish him all the best on his travels. We started off with a slight upwards pedaling for about 40km. It was very nice going through the mountain vally and we where able to make good progress. We filled up our bottles with beautiful spring water from the mountain, which we really needed as the last 10km we had to climb about 600m above sea level. It was tough but totally doable after having cycled for as long as we have. Arriving ontop of the Mountain Azpirotz was a great feeling. Also knowing that this was the biggest climb of our trip and something we had been uncertain about how tough it would be. Driving up the mountain people would beep at us or shout nice encouraging things at us when driving which always brings a huge smile to our faces. Thank you beepers! From the top we had 2km of downhill to our campsite. 

After having camped in Lekunberri we again had mostly downhill with about 200m uphill. So we arrived in Pamplona quite early and were able to have a look at the city and eat some tapas. It is a very beautiful old city with interesting arcitecture of different time periods. The Camino de Santiago also leads through this city. After having a break day here we are heading in direction Burgos today.

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