Au revoir France- hola España

We spent our last two nights  in France camping in the wild in the nice basque country, which was really great. The closer we came to the border of Spain the more up and down we had to ride. We passed the beautiful city of Biarritz and drove on to Irun, Spain. On the way there we met Beau an American cycler who then continued on with us to San Sebastian. It took as a while to figure out the way as we came off the Euro Velo route.

We spent nearly 5 weeks in France and it was an amzing experience. We met many helpful and kind people and saw many beautiful sights. Finding water was sometimes a bit of a struggle but we asked locals and people in their houses, who were always happy to help. The bike signings are at times questionable nevertheless we can only recommend France by bike. 

Spain welcomed us with a lot of rain. Actually the most rain we had on the trip so far. We arrived later then we expected and had to ride up on a 600 m over sea level hill to camp at 11pm in the dark and pouring rain, it was quite tourtureous.

We are happy to have made it to Spain and are looking forward to the last part of our trip, although we will miss France a lot! 


  1. Disfrutar España y practicar español 😉
    Gosh you guys have had some tough times but always smiling and enjoying yourselves! So proud xx

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