It has been quite tough since we left the beautiful island of l’ille d’Yeu. After our delay getting off the island we were a day behind schedule. We had some bike problems, our charging stuff was stolen and the heat started to get quite intense. Rafaela was also feeling very ill one day so we couldnt ride too far, but she did very well to do 50km while not feeling well at all. Luckily we have 2 safety days so the delays have not affected us getting to Portugal on time, but now we only have one safety day left, so hopefully no more major problems.

We have had some amazing days riding along the coast and seen some extraordinary things. It is completley different to the beginning of our trip and a lot more expensive as it is quite touristic due to the beaches. 

The really cool thing about this part of the trip is that most campsites are next to a beach so in the evening we usually walk over to the beach and watch the sunset and relax, it is undescribably beautiful. We went up the dune “du Pilat”a couple of days ago and that is something that we would suggest anyone to visit, its really incredible.

We had a great break day yesterday and went into the ocean and properly relaxed. So now we are feeling fit and ready to get to spain in a couple of days. The roads are a lot smoother here but the signs are not great so we still make a lot of wrong turns. 

Again we have met many lovely people who are always willing to help us out and offer us different things. One thing we have noticed is that so many people are really kind and always want to give us a helping hand in any way they can. Wether it be offering us food, water alchohol, help with directions or fixing our bikes, giving us spare parts, letting us use their phones or chairs, tables or other useful things that we couldnt bring with us. Its been incredible and the amount of support we get from strangers is a real boost so thanks to all of those kind people. Everyone seems so interested in us and our trip and it means a lot to us.

We are feeling great and looking forward to reach Spain and the next stage of the trip, although I have to go to the dentist as my filling fell out a while ago 😦 Hopefully we make it to San Sebastian in time for my appointment.

Its really difficult to upload all the photos because of slow internet but we hope you enjoy the ones we were able to upload below. 

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