L’Ile d’Yeu

When leaving Nantes we stopped by les machines de L’Ile. These are amazing and huge mechanical machines this year it was a huge spiders and last year it was an elephant which can move and walk. They are built in Nantes. We already up loaded some pictures of these machines with the previous post “Nantes”.

On our way which from here onwards did not go along the EuroVelo 6 we had difficulties navigating with just google maps. Allthough we found our way in direction la Barre-de-Monts. It rained for quite a while but the fact that we saw so many otters along the way made up for it. Also we had this great feeling inside of us; we nearly made it across France to the Atlantic in just 3 weeks! What a feeling that is.

The aim for the day was supposed to be L’Ile d’Yeu which meant that we had to take a boat from main land to the island. We were aiming for the second last boat which left at 8pm. We arrived 5 min before departure. At the counter they said to us unfriendly: “Sorry your too late, you got to take the last boat at 8:30pm. And the last boad doesn’t take any bikes… ” after having this great feeling in us we were thrown down to earth by not knowing what to do next. We ended up having to leave our bikes behind and taking the last boat, which meant we had to carry all of our bags which was a nightmare. Despite this we had a great stay on this tiny but beautiful island. We rented a little car for the afternoon so that we could have a look around. The car rental people even let us have the car until the next morning as we have each 6 bags and thats not easy to carry with out having a bike and the campsite is a good 20 minute walk from the port. First thing in the morning we realised that someone had stolen our batteryrpack from the washing area where we left it to charge. This was really upsetting as it was our only way of charging our things. So after getting over that we loaded the car and as if it wasn’t enough the car didn’t start. So we first had to wait for the car rental place to open and then to bring someone to help.  And of course we missed the boat we wanted to get and also the next one. Which meant we were only able to take one three hours later. This was especially annoying because we had 105km to ride and we needed an early start.Overall we loved our short stay on the island.


  1. Hi you two OMA and I have not had any newsletters since the weekend is there something we are not done. Do we have to pay some sort of subscription.??????

    Love to you both and keep safe


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    1. Dear Opa no not at all we have had a few demanding days and yesterday on our break day we really just needed to rest, so we havent been able to write much on the blog. We will try tonight. Thanks for keeping up to date with our trip. Lots and lots of love!



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