After having fitted the tyres we where only able to leave around 11am. With 101 km to go we knew that this was going to be a long day. This was our last day going along the Loir, and it couldn’t have been nicer. The amazingly beautiful river Loir showed itself in great beauty. At times coming closer to Nantes the paths was not good to ride as floodings have erroded the paths.

We started to realize that we would not make it to Nantes during the opening times of camping sites. So we decided to search for a spontanious place to sleep on the couch surfer app. At first we had no luck but then a couchsurfer told us that she was unable to host us but her friend could. We arrived in Nantes at 11pm and where welcomed by a sweet host. We slept very well having a proper bed and had a great experience. We had dinner and breakfast made for us by our host and a bit of wine as well. 


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