Tours and Saumur

Driving along the Loire in the region of Pays de la Loire but also in the regions Centre-Val de Loire and Burgund there are over 400 castles. When driving “le Loire a velo” in the region Pays de la Loire you have the joy of seeing many magnifisant castles. We rode into Tours had a break and then continued 20 km so that the next day to Saumur we only had 50km to go. Which ment that we had time to have dip into one of the confluent rivers of the Loire. The days went quickly, putting up the tent, buying food and cooking a balanced meal takes up a lot of time. So when we arrived in Saumur in the camp site we both were really tired and happy to have a break day. Once again we where washing relaxing and walked around town. We spent some time by the outdoor pool of the camp and Matt enjoyed a swim and we played with the beach ball, we also had time to look at the castle of Saumur which was very interesting.In the evening Matt went to watch the football and I wanted to do some reading, but I met a nice English family and had a nice chat and some wine with them. Matt joined us later, and once again we went to bed very late.

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