We had just driven out of the city of Saumur when we realised that we forgot loads of food in the community kitchen of the campsite, but Matt was so nice to go back and get it. After the bad start we had a beautiful ride along the Loire. Now the Loire is very wide and loads of sand islands are around which look quite fantastic. By driving along side it you get a relaxing beach feeling.

Matt bought two new inner tubes while we were in Saumur and replaced the old ones as they kept giving him troubles by randomly losing air. So after our lunch break guess what happend, yet another puncture. We fixed it and looked for more punctures by putting the tube into the Loire and seeing if bubbles came out, we didnt see anything, so we put the tyre back on, re-packed the bike and rode off. Some how we didn’t realise that there was another hole. So we started the process again, fixed the other hole, put everthing back together, and then again it went flat….extremely annoying! We are at hole number 6 in just three weeks with his Bontrager tyres from Trek. We are both were very frustrated about it. The repair didn’t work properly and the tyre kept losing aie for the rest of the ride. At least the camp site in Angers was pleasent. The next morning Matt had to drive my bike to the bike store and get some more inner tubes, hopefully these ones will last a bit longer.

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