Orlèans and Blois

We arrived in Orleans quite late, it is quite a big and beautiful city. We found a great camping place and they luckily were still open and had one space left for us. When we arrived there were many people watching the Italy v Germany game, so we joined them and enjoyed a cold beer. We spent our break day around the campsite as it was so nice and we also just wanted to relax and recover after 2 difficult days on the road. We had dinner in town and were surrounded by lots of football fans as France were playing that night. We got back to camp for the end of the game and had a nice chat and a beer with the camp owners, they were so friendly. It was by far our favourite campsite so far. We warmly recomend the camping d’oliviet.

On the road to Blois we parted ways with Norbert. We arrived in Blois at 4pm and still felt that we had quiet a bit of energy left so we decided to have a coffee and drive further. In the Cafe Douce Heure we had some delicious waffles and they gave us a packet of their home made cookies for free so we could have an energy boost along the way. We stayed the night in a comfortable camp next to the Loire. Now we are heading to Tours.

We are having troubles with the internet and up loading fotos so we’ll make a post with just fotos as soon as we can. 

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  1. Hello Raffi and Matt!! Thank you so much for your postcard – oved it! miss you guys and hope youre well! Its so great being able to follow your journey through this blog! wish u loots of strength and fun xoxo



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