We left Nevers city early morning and rode along the river Loire. After having a lot of wind in the past few days it was really nice that yesterday we didnt have much at all, it makes a big difference. Also driving along the loire the road was smooth and mostly flat. This meant that we were able to get up to a good speed of 22km/h in some parts, leaving us a lot of time to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenerey. It went all well until we decided to look for a municipal (local) camping instead of the one we had looked up before hand. Municipal campings are mostly cheaper and for us have no unnecessary things like swimming pools which add a lot to the cost. We found one a bit closer then the original one and started heading there. Once again we realised that googlemaps has lead us wrong; to a camp site that never existed we found out by asking a women about it. So we decided to go to the originally planned camp side and all being anoyed we wanted to get there as quick as possible. On the way we drove past another municipal camping so we decided to stay here. It was a good decision, the camp site is nice and situated right by the loire. So we filled our tumies with a lot of delicious food and went to bed. Throughout the night there was lot’s of rain and wind, but our tent kept us safe and dry and we slept well. Today we will drive to Orleans which is about 80Km, the weather is not great but hopefully it will be an easy ride and then we have a break day which we are looking forward to.


  1. Hi you two we are keeping up with you Matthews Oma was in that area after the war .send us one of your mobile numbers also when it is convenient to phone as we have a lot of credit on skype to use. Love to you both.

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