After a good nights sleep we started day 2 having to drive 93km instead of 42km due to our mistake from the day before. We set off at 10am and were greated by a huge hill which seemed to never end, it was a really tough start but we finally made it to the top and had lots of fun driving down the hill on the other side. We got to Basel at 5:30pm and checked our phones for a hostel in Mulhouse. We found somewhere and we expected to arrive by 8:30pm, we had a great ride and it was a great feeling to get into France, but it took us longer than expected and we only arrived at 10:30pm. Luckily there was an Irish pub just opposite our hostel so we headed straight there for some food and a couple pints, we even managed to watch the end of the Switzerland v France game, it was perfect after 12 hours on the road. Overall it was a good day and we were lucky that we had barely any rain. We are really happy that we are on schedule and we have a break day now to relax and recouperate.








10 thoughts on “Brugg

  1. This is amazing! Once you’ve done this trip you’ll be able to bike to Beijing for a reunion because you’ll be pros, right? Enjoy the trip, stay safe and hope to see you lovebirds soon

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  2. Very nice blog and lots of excitement in the first two days already! Can’t wait for the next adventures as well as updates from you guys! Good luck, good weather and be safe! Miss you guys already!!

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  3. props! Will keep updated from my boring desk, in between the spreadsheets. woot.
    you guys get about thirty seconds of reading before i start hating you guys!

    jokes – mad respect you two. lots of love and cant wait to see you guys- kavi

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