Our first day

We both didn’t sleep well in the past couple of nights and the night before we left we were packing things till late. So yesterday morning we felt tired and ended up leaving later than expected.
We had a nice ride along the limmat. Some places we had to cross underneath motorways, some paths were closed because of floodings and in one place we had to walk on an elevation and balance our bikes through so we wouldn’t fall into the water.
We got to Brugg fine without any map, just reading the sign posts. But then we took the right route but the wrong way. To be honest it was an easy mistake to make. So we rode 10km in the wrong direction until we found out that we had to go all the way back. When we got back to Brugg it was already around 7pm so we just looked for a cheap place to stay.
Now that we had a good night sleep we are ready for a longer day then originally planned. Instead of 45 km we got about 90 km and we hope to make it to Mulhouse by 6pm as Matt wants to watch the England game 😉




Crazy weather




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