On days like these…

Yesterday, for the first time since we started thinking about and planning this trip I had this question in my head: “Why am I doing this?”
It was raining all day and after being outside for just a few minutes everything was soaked. I’m glad we invested in good rain gear, but when biking you sweat and get wet from inside as well. In addition I really don’t like to hold the handlebar with wet hands because I feel like my hands keep slipping off, and in general you just don’t have good grip when your hands are wet. Biking in continuos rain and then putting up a tent in rain doesn’t seem nice.
It seems like since summer started it has been raining most days. This is due to the increasing temperature of our planet leads to more water evaporating and more water comes down again as rain.
So I really hope that we won’t have much rain on our journey, because it makes it really uncomfortable to ride. Hopefully I wont have to ask myself the question “Why am I doing this?” again.


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