Sheepskin rug

Before the trip i got a great tip from a friend about cutting a sheepskin rug into the shape of my seat. She said that when putting sheepskin in pants when the bum hurts is the best thing. As sheepskin rugs are extremly good and comfortable for the skin. So I made some research.

I found that sheepskin rugs are breathable, temperature regulating, humidty regulating, hard-wearing and antibacterial. It nutralises sauernes and other chemicals so when wearing or sitting on it these are great benefits against smell. Lanolin which is wool fat also prottects the human skin. All these qualities show that sheepskin rugs are great when having a sore bum from driving long distances. Its also really soft and adds an extra layer of cusion.

I set off to buy a sheepskin rug and cut it into the shape of my saddle. Below you can see some pictures. We wear our padded bike underwear and put the sheepskin rug inbetween the underwear and the pants.

We both are very happy to have the sheepskin rug with us.

Tip: As we are sitting on it, it can easily get matted. So we advise you to brush it through with a hair brush regularly.


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