First Tyre Puncture

I got my first tyre puncture, it happened a bit sooner than I would have thought but at least I got some practice in with using the tyre repair kit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my  repair kit with me, so I had to walk my bike home, which was a bit of a pain. Here is a link to an easy to follow YouTube demonstration on how to fix a tyre puncture:

First Crash

It has been an eventful week, on my way to work on my bike I was hit by an oncoming car, which knocked me clean off my bike. Luckily, In wasn’t hurt and only one of my pedals was damaged, so it was cheap and easy to replace. This is to let you know that when driving in a city with many cars, it is very important to always wear a helmet and to be extra attentive, there are a lot of careless drivers out there!


We went to check out good saddles


We went to the bike shop the other day after work to try out saddles. As we are travelling at least four hours per day it`ll be important to have a decent saddle, otherwise we`re going to be reaching for the seat cream far too often. We also heard that having a good pair of biking shorts is important, they have less seams than normal pants, which cause less rubbing on your skin. We also found a pair, which has a cushion on the backside that should make it a bit more comfortable. We`re still going to buy an extra tube of bum cream just in case!