We arrived! :) 

After 7 weeks of biking through 4 countries and meeting many incredible people, we are very happy to say that we arrived at our destinationn with 2740 km. And not only this we also reached our aim of getting 1000 CHF together for our chosen association ADES. The charity runs still till the 21.8.2016 and we appriciate any further donations. We thank every donator for your generosity, which gave us a good boost for the end. We are very happy to have made it. Also many thanks to all the people that were so kind and open to us on this adventure. We thank all those who showed us directions, offered us food or drinks, drew us pictures, gave us medicine, beeped at us to cheer us on, shared their stories with us and listened to ours. We heard extremely touching and encouraging words from so many people. 

And of course, it wouldnt be a proper end to the trip without one more puncture 10 minutes before we arrived! 

Reviews of our Equipment and further posts with tips and tricks will continue again after the festival. 

Thank you all,peace, love and unity🙂

Ciudad Rodrigo and Vilar Maior

Leaving Ciudad Rodrigo we didnt have many km’s left to reach the Portugese boarder. It was an easy journey until we got into Portugal and had a lot of heat and many hills again. We reached a small town called Vilar Maior where we saw some people at a small outdoor bar so we decided to stop for an ice tea before finishing the last 20km. 

At this bar we met the most amazing and welcoming people. We sat with them for a few hours before deciding to stay in their village for the evening. We had great fun drinking, talking and playing games with them until late. They were so sweet and even made a small collection for our charity.

Valladolid and Salamanca

These past couple of days passed by quickly, we had very little sleep because we tried to sleep during the day and ride at night due to the heat, which didn’t work out so well. 

We both didn’t feel well when we left Burgos but as we wanted to get there in time we had to make a move. Actually we even managed to do about 90km to Valladolid. We arrived at around 10pm, got some food and then headed to a nearby forest to get some sleep. We decided not to put up our tent and to sleep on the floor with just our sleeping bags and mats. We hoped to sleep for a couple hours and leave at 4am to avoid the heat. We ended up sleeping on and off between 1am and 7am and then started our 110km journey to Salamanca.

We rode about 26km’s and found a big tree where we thought we could sleep under during the day and then finish the last 84kms at night. Unfortunately we couldnt sleep at all and at 11:45pm decided to just get going eventhough we were so exhausted. The roads were dark, but flat, smooth and basically car free.

We managed to ride for about 3.5 hours and got through 40kms. We stopped on the side of the road for a break and to look at the stars as they were so bright and there were plenty of shooting stars. We ended up falling asleep and after an hour got out a sleeping bag and continued sleeping.

We woke up at 7:30 and struggled through the last 45kms and finally reached Salamanca and the campsite at noon. It was a tough couple of days but then we had the next 2 days off, which were much needed and well deserved!

We both really liked Salamanca, eventhough we spent most of the time at the campsite. We met an absolutely adorable Dutch family, and spent a lot of time eating and speaking with them. We had such a lovely time together and really appreciated their kindness and generosity and we even got a picture painted of us by their 2 daughters.

Looking forward to the next days and whatever adventures they will bring.

Charity – ADES

Dear follower, dear friend🙂

As we were so busy with school and work just before we left we have not had much time to promote the charity we would like to support.

So far we have raised around 600 Chf and we would to thank everyone that has donated so far. We really appreciate your generousity and it is such a huge help, so thank you all so much!

Our final aim is 1000 CHF and we would feel really happy if we can make this happen with your help. In order to actually send the money, we need to get the full 1000 Chf, otherwise the money already raised will go back to the people who donated. If we can get anymore donations or you can tell others about this initiative we would be very grateful!

ADES produces solar cookers and energy efficient cookers. But also they educate people about the environment and the ecosystem in madagascar. 

Liebe Freunde und Bekannte

Für die bereits eingegangenen Zahlungen zu Gunsten ADES, welche Ihr für unsere Velofahrt von Zollikon nach Portugal überwiesen habt, danken wir euch sehr herzlich. Die Sammlung ist bis zum 21. August befristet und deshalb freuen wir uns auf weitere Geldspenden. Es müssen mind. CHF 1000 eingehen, um die Spendeaktion erfolgreich abschliessen zu können. Übrigens ist unsere Fahrstrecke nicht nur 2200, sondern fast 2800 Km lang. Wir danken jetzt schon für weitere Spenden an ADES und deren Solarkocherproduktion in Madagaskar.

Herzlich/warm regards Rafaela und Matthew

Logroño and Burgos

Leaving Pamplona behind we still had quiet a bit of up and down hill to do. The temerature was also really hot. As we were travelling the same way as the Compostello de Santiago we passed by a wine fountain where pilgrams could drink wine for free so they can continue strong. This fountain in Irache has been there for about 100 years, the wine was delicious so we decided to fill up some empty bottles that we had😉

We continued on going up and down some very steep hills and riding along some very rocky and bumpy roads. We made it to Logroño and decided to spend the night camping there, it was about 20km before our scheduled stop but it was already quite late.

The next morning we left early as we had 97km to do and a lot more hills to conquer. We left nice and early but the heat at lunch time made us take a long siesta under a tree. That afternoon a few rain spells surprised us.

Close to the end of the day we arrived at the top of the highest hill/mountain. The route to the camping we chose earlier was going off the main road and onto a pebel road downhill in a different direction to where we needed to go the next day. So we shortly decided to just continue the route to burgos which was for about 30km, but although it was late it was all downhill, so it was very quick and a lot of fun. We ended up doing 116km to Burgos in the end.

Bugros is a very pretty town with loads of tree allyways. It used to be the capital of Sapin a long time ago. I ended up getting the flu on our break day in Burgos so we had to use up our second joker day for me to rest, it was the first time we had two break days in a row.


When saying goodbye to San Sebastian we also said bye to Beau, we wish him all the best on his travels. We started off with a slight upwards pedaling for about 40km. It was very nice going through the mountain vally and we where able to make good progress. We filled up our bottles with beautiful spring water from the mountain, which we really needed as the last 10km we had to climb about 600m above sea level. It was tough but totally doable after having cycled for as long as we have. Arriving ontop of the Mountain Azpirotz was a great feeling. Also knowing that this was the biggest climb of our trip and something we had been uncertain about how tough it would be. Driving up the mountain people would beep at us or shout nice encouraging things at us when driving which always brings a huge smile to our faces. Thank you beepers! From the top we had 2km of downhill to our campsite. 

After having camped in Lekunberri we again had mostly downhill with about 200m uphill. So we arrived in Pamplona quite early and were able to have a look at the city and eat some tapas. It is a very beautiful old city with interesting arcitecture of different time periods. The Camino de Santiago also leads through this city. After having a break day here we are heading in direction Burgos today.

Au revoir France- hola España

We spent our last two nights  in France camping in the wild in the nice basque country, which was really great. The closer we came to the border of Spain the more up and down we had to ride. We passed the beautiful city of Biarritz and drove on to Irun, Spain. On the way there we met Beau an American cycler who then continued on with us to San Sebastian. It took as a while to figure out the way as we came off the Euro Velo route.

We spent nearly 5 weeks in France and it was an amzing experience. We met many helpful and kind people and saw many beautiful sights. Finding water was sometimes a bit of a struggle but we asked locals and people in their houses, who were always happy to help. The bike signings are at times questionable nevertheless we can only recommend France by bike. 

Spain welcomed us with a lot of rain. Actually the most rain we had on the trip so far. We arrived later then we expected and had to ride up on a 600 m over sea level hill to camp at 11pm in the dark and pouring rain, it was quite tourtureous.

We are happy to have made it to Spain and are looking forward to the last part of our trip, although we will miss France a lot!